Here is a little more information about my style of photography and the service I offer... 


Q. can I still get some posed/formal shots?

A. yes. You may still want a few group shots and of course I am more than happy to do these. Keeping this list small and precise will mean we can minimise time you take out of your day and this will make these photos quick, simple and enjoyable for everybody. This leaves more time for you to enjoy your day with your family and friends and more of a chance for the natural and relaxed photography to capture those little moments that occur.


Q. what mix of black and white and colour images will I get?

 A. i often get asked about black and white and colour images and the selection made. I take a lot of time and care to choose each image individually and every choice in the editing stage is made deliberately. With regards to the mixture of black and white and colour images, as I am editing, depending on light in the image, I select which images look best in black and white and which are best suited to colour. Some images suit the monochrome look due to texture and atmosphere and some images suit a burst of colour to show off the brightness of the day. With regards to the documentary style and the story told through the images, you will notice that the use of black and white images to carry the story along with a burst of colour at different intervals helps highlight these colourful elements and you as the viewer remain engaged but unaware that this subtle choice has been purposefully made.


Q. what if a want a particular image in colour or black and white?

A. as I edit each image individually, there is no button to simply turn an image from colour to black and white as I alter the tone, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, exposure and contrast in each image so the process takes quite a while for each shot. If there are any particular images that you really would like in colour or black and white once I have sent you your memory stick, you can drop me a line and I will do this for you.


Q. what if you (the photographer) are ill on the day?

A. i have not yet missed an event and can assure you that I am fighting fit and full of vitality! But… If I was to be unwell, I am fully insured and have great links with other similar photographers for us to be able to find an alternative if a worst case scenario were to arise.


Q. is there a contract to sign?

A.  when you confirm my services for your wedding day, before sending over a deposit to secure the day, I will send you a terms of service to look over. This just lets you know what you can expect from me and what I would expect from you. Also, as all correspondence are digital, we will both have a record for our dealings and all financial transactions are done via bank transfer, so we also have a record of this to re-trace our steps if needed.


Q. is the deposit refundable and when is the remainder of the balance due?

A. i take a 20% deposit to secure your booking. Unfortunately the deposit is non-refundable, but the remainder of the balance is not due until after your wedding and you have seen some sample images! If you are on honeymoon or mini-moon immediately after your wedding day, payment can be sorted out when you return home… Romance first, admin second! There is also the option to spread the cost with an interest free monthly payment plan to ease the wedding burden.


Q. do you charge extra for travel?

A. not one single penny! All UK travel costs are included in the price.


Q. can we meet up before the wedding to discuss plans?

A. i always to like to try and have a face-to-face chat with couples prior to the big day. This gives you a chance to meet me and it gives me a chance to get a vibe for your day from you as well. As I shoot all over the UK, it can sometimes be difficult to coordinate this. My base is in Menai Bridge on Anglesey in North Wales and couples are always welcome to drop by to meet with me and chat wedding photography over a coffee… It is a stunning area so why not combine it with a day out to the coast! I realise sometimes dependant on schedule and logistics it is not always possible to meet in person prior to your wedding, but as we live in an age of wonderful technology we can always phone/skype chat if needs must.


Q. is there a copyright on any of the images?

A. there is no copyright on any of the images. All of the finished edited images are supplied to you on a USB memory stick and they are then yours to do with as you wish!


Q. how soon will I get my images?

A. I aim to get your photos to you between 12-16 weeks. As I know the waiting part is the worst part, I will provide you with a few sample images within a few days of your wedding. This helps curb curiosity and you get the chance to share some images from your day with your friends and family while the excitement of the occasion is still in full bloom.


Q. do you supply RAW or unedited images?

 A. this is something I do not do. I feel that you should see yourself and your day in a natural way, so I only minimally edited the images and subtly optimise colours and tones, but I don’t provide any unedited images or RAW files. If you would like a change to the editing work that has been done on an image, then I am happy to do this for you. As I work through the photographs in the editing stage, I delete the ones that are blurred, out of focus, unflattering etc... and edit the ones that are left. This means that the images that have been sent to you are the best ones to showcase your day.


Q. will everyone be captured on camera?

A. this is something I aim to do at some point during the day. As I use a very relaxed documentary style, I work my way around the venue capturing moments from the day as they happen. This means, if someone is in front of the camera they will be photographed. I cannot guarantee that every single person will be photographed, so if there is someone in particular you would definitely like to be photographed just let me know.


Q. can I reserve a date with no deposit?

A. i am more than happy to hold a date for a few weeks with no deposit. As I am always getting enquiries about different dates, unfortunately this is not a definite or secure booking until a deposit is received.


Q. can you photoshop people in to or out of images?

A. If there is something distracting in an image such as a person’s shoulder creeping in to frame or the top of someone’s head that has just walked past etc…  I will certainly aim to remove or minimise these type of distractions. As for a whole person being added or removed from an image… This is something I don’t do. The image can tend to look a little artificial with different lighting, colours and tones when adding or removing a person from a frame in a natural picture.


Q. is there anything else I need to know?

A. nope! It is all very simple and relaxed… Beautiful, timeless and real photographs!

 if there is anything at all that I have left un-answered, then please feel free to drop me a line any time and i will aim to answer your questions.


look forward to hearing from you



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